Setting Date & Time

Be sure to set the date and time before operating the spa. Vital functions such as filtration, sanitisation cycles and sleep timer settings depend on the time and date being set correctly.

  • Press a short single press of the DOWN button to change display to Time/Clock
  • Press the OK button to enter date/time adjustment
  • The settings appear in the following order:
  • Time Format (24 hr / 12 hr)
  • Year (yyyy)
  • Month (mm)
  • Day (dd)
  • Weekday (mon-sun)
  • Hours (xx:oo)
  • Minutes (oo:xx)
  • Press the UP or DOWN buttons to adjust each setting
  • Press the OK button to confirm each setting and skip to the next one
  • Once the minutes have been selected and confirmed the system will exit the date/time adjustment and the display will return to the default display mode


  1. Leap years are considered.
  2. The system does not automatically adjust for daylight savings times. User must adjust manually.
  3. The date/time clock has a capacitor backup which will hold the date/time even if mains power is turned off. The capacitor backup will last 8-12 hours. If power remains off for longer than this period, the date/time may need to be set again.