SpaNET PowerSMART heat pumps interface directly to SV Series spa controllers, providing extremely cost efficient, reverse-cycle heating or cooling of the spa water (from 10'C - 40'C).

SpaNET SV Series equipped spa wins
Eco-Attitude award at world spa expo at Piscine 2010, Lyon France.

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With rising electricity prices its comforting to know that SpaNET’s eco-friendly power smart features will minimise your spa’s energy use and take advantage of off peak tariffs to provide much lower daily operating costs.

Utilising the latest in smart technology the SV Series offers a true variable heater. With auto detection of ancillary currents, installation and set up is simple. Say goodbye to heater load shedding and enjoy the benefits as the heater automatically adjusts its heating output to maximise user comfort by minimizing heat loss.

award award